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copyright Alice Perugini

copyright Alice Perugini

Call for Case Studies - Edition 2008 

'Intelligent Coast, new tourist strategies, new territorial structures' Master Program, at the FPC-UPC Barcelona, announces a  “Call for Case Studies” to invite you to send us a case study about tourist models of coastal development.
The case studies will be referred to six tourist topographies. A tourist topography is a model based on the relation between tourist offer as activities' lure and its effects on territorial settlements.


01. Concentration | Urban Model
02. Vacational Centers | Resorts
03. Golf or Marina Real Estate | Sprawl Phenomenon
04. Thematic Tourism | Congresses, Events, Museums, Wine... .
05. TICs and Tourism | Low Cost Phenomenon
06. Architectural Accommodation Typologies | Adapting process

This Call for Case Studies is addressed to researchers, experts and professionals who have been studying the coast and its relations to tourism phenomenon all around the world. Each case study should be already engaged in research or/and projects connected to one of the six tourist topographies listed above.
The case study should refer to real situations. Look the attached PDF
There will be 2 phases with two different formats.

12 cases will be selected and published in a book.
The 12 cases selected are invited to full the project;

Jordi Boixader - Catalunya
Emilio Garcia - Mejico
Enrique Martin-Moreno - Mejico
SECOND DEADLINE: until the 10 of March at 24.00 pm

We recall that for the second phase you have to:
1 – select one of the 6 tourist topographies proposed
2 – identify a geographic area where your case of study is located
3 – describe the study in tems of:

(Quality of territorial structure)
(Train and highways conditions, Proximity to international airports, Proximity to ports and cruisers stations, Connecting level with the big urban centers...)
Political Economic and financial conditions
(Incidence of tourist sector on GDP, Financial conditions for buying and renting land, Services sector structure | quantity and quality, Residential offer | quantity and quality, Presence of powerful local bancs and accessibility to financing...)
Social conditions
(Characteristics of demographic local structure, Level of integration of local population into the tourist sector, Level of reception of immigration, Impact of tourism on social exclusion and/or polarization in the area...)
Infrastructures and logistic
Political economic and financial conditions
Workers and users
4 – Conclude with the evaluation of the model. The final result will be resumed in a descriptive text, a SWOT analysis and graphic material.
Each study should be able to offer a clear picture on how the tourist topography has adapted itself (or not) to the changes imposed by new tourism conditions.
5 – Describe previous research and projects related to the topic, which you have been involved in.

You have to send a proposal max 20 A4 in PDF format or on paper.
Each project has the obligation to develop at least the 1-2-3-4 points. Any other information useful to describe the proposal will be included in the 20 pages.
The proposal has to be presented by a text max. 8000 words and images, diagrams, maps.

At the end of the second phase, six papers will be selected, authors will be invited to present their study within the Intelligent Coast Master Program, over the Second Term, between April and June 2008. For each of the six selected authors we provide a flight ticket and 1 night stay in a hotel in Barcelona.
For more information, please contact:

Intelligent Coast
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08011 Barcelona


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