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“Intelligent Coast, new tourist strategies, new territorial structures”
The registrations on Master Program 2009/10 are open.
October 2009 – Septiembre 2010.

Fill the form in the web page of la FPC
Registration Form

Send the documents listed below:

1 photograph
Currículum Vitae
Photocopy of ID or your passport (for foreigners only)
Photocopy of your bank number account (open in Spain)
Photocopy of your degree certificate/ A certified photocopy of your degree certificate (for foreigners only)

by email to
Marta Pons, Coordinator - Fundación UPC

or by post
Marta Pons
22@ Barcelona
c/ de Badajoz, 73-77
08005 Barcelona
tf: (34) 93 112 0873 – fx: (34) 93 112 09 01

For any questions related to registration process please contact
Marta Pons, Coordinator-Technical Foundation UPC
tf: (34) 93 112 0873

Miriam Castro
tf: (34) 93 112 0835

For any other questions related to the contents of the master, contact
Victòria Puigdevall-Content Coordinator
Intelligent Coast
c / Casanova 81, 6 º-1 ª
08011 Barcelona
tf: (34) 93 451 3664

Registration Symposium Intelligent Coast

Book your ticket sending an email to:
Victòria Puigdevall
Tel: +(34) 93 451 36 64

Where you specify your name, surname, country of origin and the number of tickets to book. Intelligent Coast* will registrate you in a list of booking and we will inform you how to pay.


Registration Call for Case Studies

Send your documents
by email

or by post:
Intelligent Coast*
C/ Casanova 81, 6º-1ª
08011 Barcelona

There will be 2 phases with two different formats.

FIRST DEADLINE: until the 14nd of January at 24.00 pm
12 cases will be selected and published in a book.

The 12 cases selected are invited to full the project.

SECOND DEADLINE: until the 10 of March at 24.00 pm
six cases will be selected, authors will be invited to present their case in the Intelligent Coast Master Program, over the Second Term, between April and June 2008. For each of the six selected authors we provide a flight ticket and 1 night stay in a hotel in Barcelona.

For more informacion, please contact:
Intelligent Coast
Call for Papers

C/ Casanova 81 | 6º-1ª
08011 Barcelona | Spain
tf. +34 93 451 3664
fx. +34 93 451 3664
CIF: G64503287 Administrative office
C/ Casanova 81, 6-1, 08011 Barcelona, Tf.Fx +34 934 513 664 -

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