Past Debates  
Edition 2007-Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona
From January to December at 20:00.
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado  
The invention of the "Mediterraneity"
Ph.D. Antropology at UB, Barcelona. He studied also at Section de Sciences Religieuses de l’École Pratique des Hautes Études, Sorbona de París. Since 1986 is Professor of Religious Ethnology at Social Antropology Department at the University of Barcelona. Member of GRECS (Grup de Recerca en Exclusió i Control Socials) in the University of Barcelona and of "Grupo de Trabajo Etnografía de los Espacios Públicos del Institut Català";Antropology.
Françoise Breton
Francoise Breton  
A Case Studies of the Catalonian Coastal Zone
PhD Geography. She leads “Interfase” research group inside the Dpto. Of Geography of UAB, where she works on Management and Planning of coastal territories, landscapes and resources of Mediterranean area. Since 2004 the team works also on the mounths of Senegal and Casamance. Since 2001 she is Vice-Director of European Tematic Center on Environment and Territory, and of the Environment European Agency. Since 2002 she leads a team who works on Integral Managment of Coastal Areas meters, with the European Experts Group of European Commission. She published recently “The changing faces of Europe’s coastal areas” (EEA Report nº6/2006)".
Christine de Baan
Christine de Baan  

Mare Nostrum
Director of the Advisory Board of Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Rotterdam. Responsible for Program of the 3rd International Biennale of Architecture in Rottedam, 2007.

George Ritzer
George Ritzer  

Can the Spanish Coast, any coast, be developed intelligently?
Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park.
A largely self-taught sociologist, Ritzer is most idely known in the scholarly community for his distinctive contributions to the study of consumption, globalization, metatheory, and modern and postmodern social theory generally.

Eduard Vinyamata
Eduard Vinyamata  

Introduction to Conflict Resolution
PhD Social Sciencies. Director of Fundación Campus para la Paz y la Solidaridad; Director of Research Program on Conflictology inside the Institute of Research IN3-UOC; Director of the International Master of Conflictology at UOC and of Cooperation Area, Peace Studies and Humanitarian Action. Professor of Conflictology at UOC and many other American and European universities.

Nikos Salingaros
Nikos Salingaros  

Intelligent systems and learning
Regarded as one of the world’s leading urbanists and architectural theorists. Department of Applied Mathematics. The University of Texas at San Antonio. Ph. D. Physics 1978, State University of New York at Stony Brook. M. A. Physics 1974, State University of New York at Stony Brook. B. Sc. Physics Cum Laude 1971, University of Miami, Coral Gables. Collaborated with Christopher Alexander over a twenty-year period in editing “The Nature of Order”.

Gabriel Dupuy
Gabriel Dupuy  

Transport and Tourism
Professor at the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris, University of Paris, and Chairman of the Transportation, Environment, and Urban Planning Department, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussés. PhD in Social Sciences from “La Sorbonne” University. Edited the book: Technology and the Rise of the Networked City in Europe and America.

Laura Cantarella
Gabriel Dupuy  
Traveller and Tourist
Architect and photographer. Posgradutated in Advanced Architecture.
She works between Barcelona and Torino.
Global Estudios
Gabriel Dupuy  
Master Plan as a method
A leading European architectural firm in leisure and tourism projects. They are currently developing designs for other international ventures including the ‘Olympic Aquatic Park’ for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; the ‘Space Cousteau’ visitor attraction, Costa Brava, Spain; the ‘Lorosur’ themed water and zoological park, Canary Islands and two hotel and golf resorts in Tarragona, Spain.
Jordi Portabella
Gabriel Dupuy  
Barcelona Model
Jordi Portabella is Regidor and Chairman of the Committee on Economic Promotion of Barcelona City Council. He (1999-1907) Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Economic Area (Tourism, Trade, Consumption, Economic Development and Rehabilitation), and Member of Parliament of Catalonia (92-99). He holds a degree in biology from the University of Barcelona and Mastering environmental Engineering (UPC). He Environmental Consultant for various national and international companies and professor of Environment (UIC). He is currently Advisor to the Biology Faculty of the UB.
Fernando Menis
fernando menis  
Canarian architect. In 1981 forms a team with architects Felipe Artengo Rufi and José María Rodríguez Pastrana Malagón. From July 2004, Menis is working independently with his own studio. Competitions Projects: 1st. Puerto de la Cruz Seafront (2004), 1st Agulo and Vallehermoso Historical Center Rehabilitation. La Gomera (2005); 1st.Muvisa Social Appartments (2005); 1st Auditórium in Los Llanos, La Palma. Menis is visiting professor, leads workshops and lectures in many European Universities and Institutes.
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