Foundation of Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)  

In 1994, the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) created the Fundació UPC to strengthen its continuing education programme by offering Master's, postgraduate and professional retraining programmes in its areas of knowledge of a high standard of quality, which would serve to update and disseminate knowledge throughout the surrounding community.
To make this goal possible, the Foundation must maintain a close relationship not solely with UPC but also with society and the world of business; It must be a meeting point between these three, from which societal and business needs in terms of education are detected and the knowledge generated by the University and the business world are transferred back to society.
The relationship between these different players is reflected in the composition of the governing bodies of the Foundation. The Board is made up of representatives from UPC and from the business and institutional sectors of the country. The Advisory Council, made up of businesses and institutions, communicates the concerns and trends of these sectors to the Foundation in order for it to strengthen and improve its continuing education programme.
Every year, the Foundation UPC receives more than 8,000 students and has a teaching staff of more than 2,000 professionals who come both from academic and business fields.
More than 300 companies and organizations leaders in their sectors of activity collaborate in training programs, ensuring knowledge updated and adjusted to market demands.

This year 2009 the Foundation of Technical University of Catalonia is located in Barcelona’s largest financial and business development district. They will be equipped to meet the current and future needs of the Technical University of Catalonia’s life-long training programmes. The new building TECH TALENT CENTER, has  a floor area of 3,286 m2. The three-storey building will have 18 classrooms and a multi-purpose conference room.
Each room is equipped with the following state-of-the art computer and multimedia resources:

  • A 2 x 2 metre electric projection screen
  • An integrated audio (public address) system
  • A whiteboard with two sliding panels (greater writing surface)
  • An intercom system to contact Fundació UPC staff
  • A wireless slide projector
  • A wireless voting system
  • A video projector
  • A DVD player
  • A computer with a TFT screen
  • A videoconferencing system

There are two multi-purpose rooms on each floor, which can be used for both theoretical and practical sessions. In addition to the above, they are equipped with:

  • Interactive screens that allow users to interact with the computers and facilitate presentations.

The building also has:

  • A wireless internet connection (WiFi)
  • A self-service photocopying facility
  • Digital signage screens

The Fundació UPC strives to be a centre of excellence in continuing education, by incorporating information and communication technologies and bringing them closer to people and companies.

• To consolidate the Fundació UPC brand by enhancing the quality of its lifelong-training programmes and adapting them to the needs of society.

• To be a link between the university community, professionals, businesses and institutions. 

• To foster people's loyalty to the Fundació UPC brand for lifelong training. 

• To project the image of the Fundació UPC as a centre of reference in continuing education on the international stage.

• To be a centre that innovates in educational technology, serves people's needs and offers the best support tools to educational activities.

• To participate in local and regional development by surmising training needs and offering continuing education programmes.

Periodically, the Fundació UPC revises its aims and activity as it endeavours to adapt itself to the changes taking place around it. These aims are compiled in the Foundation's Strategic Plan and in its Programme-Contract with the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Both of these establish indicators, which serve to measure involvement from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

In order to meet its goal of offering high-quality programmes, the Fundació UPC has also established a painstaking policy of quality and submits itself annually to ISO 9001 certification.

Over the years, the Foundation activities have diversified to the point where they entail a wide range of services:

*Continuing education:

     Master's degrees
     Postgraduate courses
     Specialisation courses


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