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_To produce knowledge about new qualified coastal systems. The Master Program will make good use of the experience that Spain and Catalonia have on coastal development and tourism technology to provide participants with a set suitable tools ready to use for the evaluation and development of tourist and coastal areas, around the world.

_To favour a theoretical and practical framework and offer a transversal vision about the tourist phenomenon and its effects on the territory. The Master promotes research of new models of intervention throughout the participation of different disciplines and agents involved.

_To promote a national and international research network focused on the analysis and study of touristic escenarios, as a real case studies.

Participants will improve the following skills:

// An interdisciplinary and holistic view of key elements of Urban Planning focused on the coastal areas;

// Learning tourism’s economic dynamics applied on territory;

// Learning tools for managing information and databases and creating working maps;

// Studying urban and architectural models of tourist destinations.

// Criteria to evaluate models of territorial occupation by environmental, socio-economic and cultural parameters;

// Methodology of analysis and diagnosis of a tourist urban model;

// Methodology of designing tourist urban model according to paradigms of a new society dominated by infrastructures, both physical and digital.

The program aim to approach different processes, formats and scales of interventions. The methology impulses a continuous interaction between a theorical framework, a perspective vision and an applied development of the project. The Master promotes a multiple approach oriented to design a strategical urban plan and an architectural project as final output.

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