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  Master “TNT: “Tourism. New Territories. Management and design of new tourist territories”.
August 2008 - November 2009
  Intelligent Coast from the Foundation of the Technical University of Catalonia offers a Master Program in Mexico. "TNT: Tourism, New Territories, with the Metropolitan Center for Mexican Sustainable Architecture".
The Master “TNT” is a program developed un programa desarrollado specifically for México, which combines both logic and experiences, the Mexican and the Spanish one.


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Intelligent Coast designs training courses to Spanish and International Local Governments interested in training offers of 24h and 48h.
Languages of courses: Spanish and English.

It is considered an ideal number of participants between 40 and 80.

Participants will improve the following skills:

// An interdisciplinary and holistic view of key elements of Urban Planning focused on the coastal areas;

// Learning tourism’s economic dynamics applied on territory;

// Learning tools for managing information and databases and creating working maps;

// Criteria to evaluate models of territorial occupation by environmental, socio-economic and cultural parameters;

Creating an intensive training course on Urban Planning of coastal territories, focused on the phenomenon of tourism and its impacts.
Confirming a professional figure of consultant specialized on coast's studies, able to trace basic criteria for the qualitative transformation of urban and tourist areas on the coast.

The program describes the phenomenon of coastal development led by logics of trade market and tourist economy.
It presents a transdisciplinary overview and studies of tourist models, by the analiysis of political and economic aspects with the description of urban dynamics and architectural characteristics.

Training Courses
Basic knowledge for qualitative models of coast development
2.4 credits (24h)

Program structure:

IC1- Course “Analysis of development of coastal models”
(2 credits –20h)

Responsible: Manuel Gausa (PhD, Architect, Barcelona)

Module 1.1 –Architecture and Tourism: phases and evolution
(0,5 credits: 5h)
Manuel Gausa (PhD, Architect, Barcelona)

Module 1.2 – Theoretical basis for (re)interpreting the coast
(0,3 credits: 3h)
Oscar Chamat (Engineer, Barcelona)

Module 1.3 – Introduction to a strategic analysis of metropolitan coastal area: Barcelona-Maresme (0.2 credits: 2h)
Andreu Ulied (Engineer, Barcelona)

Modulo 1.4 – Analysis of beaches and tourist pressure
(Case Studies: The Balearic Islands (0.3 credits: 3h)
Xisco Roig Munar, (Director of Environment Management of Coastal Area and Local Cooperation of the Island Council of Menorca)

Modulo 1.5 –Urbanalization (0,2 créditos: 2h)
Francesc Muñoz (Geographer, Director of the Observatory of Urbanization, Barcelona)

Modulo 1.6 –Introduction to a methodology for analysis and diagnosis of tourist models: tourist topographies (0.5 credits: 5h)
Silvia Banchini-Luis Falcón (Architects, Urban Planner, Barcelona)

Technical Visit : (0,4 credits: 4h)

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