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Exhibition DHUB Montcada
28/05/2009 - 19/07/2009

Barcelona is today a yardstick for the international tourist scene. In the nineties, its leadership in the tourist economy fostered a marked sense of “urban self-esteem” which, over the past twenty years, has gradually turned into a clamour for authenticity.

Barcelona has absorbed a tourist pressure four times greater than its own population, concentrated in a handful of downtown public spaces and around certain alluring monuments. Its tourist services (accommodation, commercial establishments and culture and leisure facilities) are highly centralised, creating the perception that tourism is threatening its quality of life and urban management.

The Rambles is probably the most representative icon of this conflict, and one of the urban areas with the greatest potential for reinvention. MultiRambles presents a hypothesis of opportunities for a city like Barcelona, which needs to rethink both the competitiveness of its main economic driving force and the quality and consistency of its urban model.

Disseny Hub Barcelona y Intelligent Coast
Curators: Manuel Gausa, Silvia Banchini y Luis Falcón
Colaborators: Handong Global University Spatial Environment System, Pohang, South Korea YGSA – Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture CHIBA University Master Intelligent Coast, edición 2008 – Fundación UPC, Barcelona Equip investigador de Intelligent Coast

Opening: Thursday 28 may at 20h

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IV International Forum"Le cittá del mediterraneo"
May 27-28-29, 2008
Reggio Calabria, Italy

Students Master's Intelligent Coast 2007 have been chosen for the publication of an abstract in the book of the "IV International Forum -Le città Mediterranean-", on topics related to the city. The abstract "Maresme 2.0" has been included in the section "new desires of city: realziones between urban cultures"


2008 Landscape Biennal (Septemper 2008)
Intelligent Coast- ETSAB Barcelona

  Students of Master Intelligent Coast 2007 partecipate in the Landscape Biennal 2008 in Barcelona. The final project "Maresme 2.0" has been exposed, with other schools projects from all over the world, in the atrium of ETSAB .
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2008 Summer Architecture Workshop (July 2008)
Intelligent Coast- Handong Global University (Korea)- Design Museum Centre of Barcelona

  Workshop of 14 students of the Handong Global University of Korea organized by Intelligent Coast on future scenarios of the Rambla in Barcelona. The project focuses its iconic value as tourist atractor, its load capacity as public space and its connection with the waterfront.
  Intelligent Coast at the Festarch. Sardegna. Italy
May 29-31 2008
  Festarch 2008, Cagliari

The students of the past edition of  Intelligent Coast Master Program, exhibits the final project on the Maresme County at Festarch- Festival Internazionale di Architettura in Sardegna (Italy)

Intelligent Coast at the Mediterranean Workshop on Integrated Coastal Zone Managament Policy. Sardegna. Italy(19-21 May 2008)
Alghero 2008

The students of the past edition of  Intelligent Coast Master Program exhibits the final project on the Maresme County at the Workshop on Integrated Coastal Zone Managament Policy, in Alghero (Italy).

Handong Global University  invites Intelligent Coast at the International Seminar “U.COAST CITY” - Terranova Pohang Project, Korea.
  Luis Falcón, Codirector of Intelligent Coast, presents “Tourism and Ecology. A new paradigm” at the  International Seminar “U.COAST CITY- Terranova Pohang Project, organized by Handong Global University, in Pohang, Korea

Intelligent Coast presents ideas of Urban Resilience in the “Low Coast Landscape” in Alghero. Sardegna. Italy
15 April 2008

Silvia Banchini, Codirector of Intelligent Coast, presents “Urban Resilience, projects and opportunities on the Mediterranean Coasts” at the Workshop “Low Coast Landscape” organized by UAB and the University of Alghero

Registrations for the second edition of Master Program Intelligent Coast - 2009
are open



Registrations for the second edition of Master Program Intelligent Coast - 2009 are open . The course will start on Januray 2009 and it will end on December 2009.
Fill in the application form on the webpage of the FPC to subscribe yourself
For further information please you can contact

Marta Pérez

  Intelligent Coast from the Foundation of the Technical University of Catalonia offers a Master Program in Mexico. "TNT: Tourism, New Territories, with the Metropolitan Center for Mexican Sustainable Architecture".
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