MANUEL GAUSA Architect- Urban planner – Co-director of Intelligent Coast Architect specialized in Projects, Urbanism and History. Member of the Editing Team of the Review “Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme”, published by Catalonia Architecture Association, from 1985 to 1991. Director of the Review “Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme” until 2000. Director of the Review “C”.Founder of Actar Architecture and Actar Publishing, agency and firm focused on design, architecture and reflection about territory and contemporaneous space. Professor of Projects at ETSAB-UPC, from 1995 to 1999. Between 1996 and 2000, member of Scientist Committee at the XIX Congress UIA Barcelona’96. Member of the Managing Team (manager of cultural activities) of ESARQ-UIC at the Escola Superior d’Arquitectura at the Universitat International of Catalonia . Co-Founder of AxE, firm specialized in sustainable design. Co-director of Metápolis, platform of Advanced Architecture in 1998. In 2000, Director of the Post-graduate Program of Advanced Architecture and Digital Cities at the Fundació Politècnica of Catalonia. In 2003, President of Scientist Council at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. 2003, member of Scientist Council at the European Institute of Design (IED) and Advisor for Sustainable Development (Consell Assesor pel Desenvolupament Sostenible) (CADS). Author of different articles and publications. Invited teacher and speaker at many national and international entities. He is currently co-director, with Silvia Banchini and Luis Falcón, of Intelligent Coast Cultural Association. Co-director of I and II International Symposium Tourism XXL, Co-Director and professor of the Master Program associated with the Foundation of Technical University of Catalonia “Intelligent Coast - new tourist strategies, new territorial structures (, as well as co-Director and professor of the Master Program TNT: Tourism. New Territories. Management and design of new tourism areas at the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture / FPC-UPC (Technical University of Catalonia) in Mexico. (Http://

SILVIA BANCHINI Architect, urban planner – Co-director of Intelligent Coast Architect, urban planner. Master in Architecture from ETSAB – UPC, in “History, Art, Architecture and City”, Barcelona, 2002. Diploma of Advanced Studies in “Urbanism and territorial planning” from UOC, Barcelona,2008. PhD student at UOC, program of “Society of Information and Knowledge’, since 2005. In 2003, co-founder of LOAD Architecture Office ( specialized in architecture, urban planning and consultancy. Since 2007, Managing Partner of Intelligent Coast Production Ltd., consulting for strategic planning of coast and tourism. She is author of several articles and publications on the relationship between tourism, informational economy and urban resilience. She is currently co-director, with Manuel Gausa and Luis Falcón, of Intelligent Coast Cultural Association. Co-director of I and II International Symposium Tourism XXL, Co-Director and professor of the Master Program associated with the Foundation of Technical University of Catalonia “Intelligent Coast - new tourist strategies, new territorial structures (, as well as co-Director and professor of the Master Program TNT: Tourism. New Territories. Management and design of new tourism areas at the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture / FPC-UPC (Technical University of Catalonia) in Mexico. (Http://

LUIS FALCÓN Architect, urban planner – Co-director de Intelligent Coast Architect and urban planner. Master in Architecture from the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam. 2002. Between 2003 and 2006, Research Investigation at Advanced Architecture Institute of Catalonia; assistant professor at ETH, Zurich 2003, invited lecturer at The Architecture College in Zagreb, 2006/07. In 2003, co-founder of LOAD Architecture Office ( specialized in architecture, urban planning and consultancy. Since 2007, Managing Partner of Intelligent Coast Production Ltd., consulting for strategic planning of coast and tourism. He has written several articles and publications on the effects of tourism on the territory and urban planning. He has given lectures on tourism and territory in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He is currently co-director, with Silvia Banchini and Manuel Gausa, of Intelligent Coast Cultural Association. Co-director of I and II International Symposium Tourism XXL, Co-Director and professor of the Master Program associated with the Foundation of Technical University of Catalonia “Intelligent Coast - new tourist strategies, new territorial structures (, as well as co-Director and professor of the Master Program TNT: Tourism. New Territories. Management and design of new tourism areas at the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture / FPC-UPC (Technical University of Catalonia) in Mexico. (Http://

FREDY MASSAD Architect, journalist – Co-founder of ¿btbW/Architecture Fredy Massad, architect, and Alicia Guerrero Yeste ,art historian, founded ¿btbW / Architecture in1996. They dedicate their work to criticism and research on contemporary architecture. ¿BtbW / Architecture is the European correspondent for the Argentinean magazine of Architecture “Summa +” since 1996. They are also contributors to ‘Spaces’, the cultural supplement of the newspaper “La Vanguardia”. Their work appears regularly published in media on architecture and design in Europe and America.(The Architectural Review, ICON, Arquitextos, Il progetto, Experimenta, ARCADE, Transversal, WAM, IAZ). They have lectured on architecture and new technologies at different Universities and symposia in Europe, USA and Argentina. They have been involved as advisors for various programmes on film and architecture in Spain, Switzerland and USA.

ENRIC TRUÑÓ Co-ordinator of the Strategic Plan of Tourism of the City of Barcelona. Tourism BCN/2015 Director of Strategic Plan of Tourism of the City of Barcelona.BA in Chemical Engineering from the Chemical Institute of Sarrià. From 1979 to 1998, he was a town councillor at Barcelona Town Hall, firstly responsible for the Youth Area and then, for 14 years, for Sports from October 1981 to July 1995. During this period, he became one of the main responsible for the organization success at Barcelona’92 Olympic Games, being member of the permanent commission of COOB 92 and of Holding Olímpic, LTD. From July 1991 to April 1998, town councillor of Tourism at Barcelona Town Hall where he boosted the creation of the consortium Barcelona Tourism, being President of BCB. Author of the Strategic Plan of Tourism in Nanjing and Quito, as well as the International Strategic Plan of Torino. The first commissioner of the Mayor’s office in Barcelona in the Project of Forum Universal de las Culturas (1996-1998). Currently, co-director of Sport Assistance, Ltd., firm specialized in the planning and managing of sport installations.

FRANCESC MUÑÓZ PhD in Geography - Director of Urbanization Observatory Ph. D in Geography and professor of Urban Geography at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). Expert in urbanism and topics related to the culture of the city. He has participated as an expert in European Council missions related to these issues and as a guest lecturer at Universities of France, Italy and United Kingdom. He has studied the current transformation of the urban and metropolitan landscapes and published articles in France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and United Kingdom. His last work is a book titled “UrBANALización: Paisajes Comunes, Lugares Globales”. Currently, he manages the Urbanization Observatory and the master about Intervention and Managing of Landscape at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB).

ORIOL NEL·LO Gegrapher – General Secretary of Territorial Planning / Generalitat de Catalunya Studies at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore. Author of numerous books and articles about administrative organization and territorial planning. Since 1988, he has worked as a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Likewise, he has given many courses and conferences at numerous Spanish and foreign Universities. He worked as a Director of the Metropolitan Studies Institute in Barcelona (1988-1999) and a Member of the Parliament of Catalonia (1999-2004). Since December 2003, he has been the Secretary of Territorial Planning at Generalitat de Catalunya. He defends a new territorial policy for Catalonia, underlining the importance of preserving the coast line due to its value as regards the national economy. In his opinion, it is also essential to preserve the coastal scenery as a collective good as well as take care of its environment quality to guarantee quality along the region.

FRED MANSON Town Planner, Director of Regeneration at the London Borough of Southwark, England Urban renewal specialist in United Kingdom. Ex Director of Environment Regeneration at the London Borough of Southwark(1994-2001). His areas of expertise include economic development, planning, property management, environmental management, regeneration and leisure and community services. He has done some of London’s most significant projects, such as Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge and Greater London Authority headquarters. He is a member of the Commission for Architecture and built-up environment. He was a supervisor of the design GLA Architecture and Urbanism Unit from 2003 to 2005. Since 2004, he has been assistant director of Heatherwic Studio. In 2000 he was awarded an honorary OBE.

ALFONSO VEGARA Ph.D in Architecture, economist and sociologist. President of the Metropolis Foundation. Ph.D in Architecture, economist and sociologist. He has focused his working life on the improvement of urban environment defending the importance of his research as the base for a sustainable development of the cities and land. 10 years ago, he decided to go on with his research through the Metropoli Foundation, an International Center of Innovation in the City and Land. During his career at the firm “Taller de Ideas” he has supervised innovative projects as the “Basque Territorial Strategy” awarded the National Award of Town Planning in 1994 and 2006 or the design of the Eco-city of Sarriguren (Navarra), recognized as Good Practice of Sustainability by the Program Habitat at the UN. He has also worked as a lecturer at several European Universities and in the USA. He has published numerous books, the last of them “Territorios Inteligentes”, and has received several important national and international prizes in recognition of his career. Between 2003-2006, he was the president of ISOCARP, International Association of Town Planners, Trustee of the Eisenhower Fellowships (EEUU) and Honorary Consul of Singapur in Madrid.

JOSEP FRANCESC VALLS Professor at the Department of Marketing of ESADE Professor at the Department of Marketing Management and Manager at the Tourist Managing Center, ESADE. Founder of the Center of Tourist Managing in 1990, where he was the headmanager until 2004.Director of the Program of Tourist Managing of ESADE and Director of the International Symposium of Tourism since 1992. Expert in issues such as sustainable tourism of the destinations, low cost, traveler behaviour and the managing of branding. Author of several books such as: “Gestión destinos turísticos sostenibles”, Gestión 2000 (2004); “A comparation of travellers Leisure Styles in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal”, “The tourism and Leisure Industry, Shaping the future”, The Haword Hospitality Press, Nueva York; “Gestión de empresas de turismo y ocio”, Gestión 2000 (2000); “Las claves del mercado turístico” Deusto (1996) y “La imagen de marca de los países”, McGrawHill (1992).

PAUL ROLL General Director of Paris’ Office Tourism and Conventions Managing Director of Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. Master in Economic Science at ISE of Lisbon, 1978. Since January 2002 he is Managing director of Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. Between 1999 and 2001 he worked in ACCOR GROUP as Managing Director, Tour-operating and distribution, Leisure and Tourism sector. Member of the Executive Committee of the Accor Group. Managing Director of Look Voyages, TRANSAT GROUP, 1998-1999. Since 1979 until 1998 he was in charge of different positions in the CLUB MEDITERRANNEE GROUP, concluding as Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Group’s operations.

TRACY METZ Journalist at NRC Handelsblad and international correspondent at Architectural Record Tracy Metz, a native of Los Angeles, has lived and worked in Holland as a journalist since the eighties. She writes for the quality newspaper NRC Handelsblad on issues in architecture, urbanism and landscape. She lectures regularly in Europe and the US, moderates debates and seminars, and appears on radio and television in the Netherlands. Tracy Metz has written a number of books including ‘Snelweg > Highways in the Netherlands’, ‘Atlas of Change: Rearranging the Netherlands’ and ‘FUN! Leisure and Landscape’.

RICHARD W. BUTLER Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism - University of Strathclyde Business School-UK Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Strathclyde Business School-UK for thirty years as professor and president of the Department of Geography at the University of Western Ontario, in Canada. He has frequently published his works in Tourism Reviews and edited many important books and articles about tourism.His main interests are the process of development of the tourist destinations and the impact of tourism, the capacity of the tourist charge and sustainability and the tourism on secluded areas and islands. He has also done some research on the implications of petrol and gas, planning and development, the bonds between literature and tourism, geography or the Rock and Roll and the spatial aspects of the Sherlock Holmes canon. He also belongs to the editing team of several tourism reviews and currently, he is also the co-editor of ‘El Diario de Turismo y Hostelería de Investigación’. He was President of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and the Canadian Association of Studies about Leisure. He has also worked as advisor and councillor for the Scottish Tourist Board, of the Scientist Council in Canada, for different Government Ministries and Department in Canada and also for different private entities.

PERE DURAN General Director of Turisme Barcelona He has belonged to the tourist sector since 1980. He has worked for prestigious travel agencies specialized in Congress and Incentive Travels. At the end of 1984, he became member of the Barcelona Tourism Department. In 1986, he became Associate Director of Barcelona Convention Bureau. Since 1988 until its dissolution in 1993, he was the Director of Tourism Department in Barcelona. Since 1994, he has been the Director of the Tourism Consortium in Barcelona and has become a member of the Executive Council of the Consortium of Tourist Promotion of Catalonia. Since July 2000,he has been the General Director of this Consortium. He has also been a member of the Tourism Advisor Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

JOSE ANTONIO DONAIRE Geographer, Member of Parliament of Catalonia PhD in Geography and expert in Contemporary Tourism. Since February 2008, he is a member of the Parliament of Catalonia. He managed the Official School of Tourism of the Generalitat de Catalunya between 1997-2002. He is also a professor at University of Girona and responsible for the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Research in Tourism(LMRT). He is the author of some research on Territorial Managing of Tourism in Girona.

J. BAPTIST M. BRAYÉ Founder Locatus / visiting scholar Harvard School of Design member advisory board Aberdeen Property Investors Baptist Brayé (1953) is the founder of the leading Dutch/Belgium/Spain based retail research institute Locatus. He has spent all his professional life observing retail environments from an urban planning perspective. He is behind immense geographical databases and well known for his factual knowledge on retail planning issues. Since 2007, Baptist Brayé has also become visiting scholar at Harvard School of Design as well as a member on the advisory board of Aberdeen Property Investors. Besides research and lectures at Harvard, MIT and Lincoln Institute on the topic of retail planning, in 2007 he participated in studies and juries and in 2008, co-lectured a Harvard field studio in the Netherlands.

OSCAR PERELLI Director of Studies and Research of Exceltur BA in Economics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Master in Treasury Department and Economical Analysis at the Institute of Fiscal Studies (Department of Treasury) and Associate Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 1997. Until June 2002, he was Co-director of Consultants of Public Administration, belonging to Financial Analytical International Groups and currently, he works as the Director of Studies and Research Area of EXCELTUR “Alianza para la ExcelenciaTurística”. Over the past few years he has worked in the tourist sector where he has supervised numerous noteworthy projects such as: “Informe Perspectivas Turísticas” (Tourist Perspective Report),“ Plan de Ordenación de la Oferta Turística de Menorca( Development Plan of the Tourist Offer in Menorca) “, “Plan de Competitividad para las Islas de Menorca, Ibiza y Formentera(Competitiveness for the Islands of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) “, “Estrategia del Turismo Gallego de cara al 2010 (Strategy of the Galician Tourism by 2010)”, “Estudio del Impacto del Euro sobre la economía y el turismo de Canarias (Study of the Impact of the Euro on the Economy and Tourism In Canary Islands)”. He has written several books and articles in magazines specialized in tourism, regional economy, new technologies and commerce as well as being a regular participant in congresses, post-graduate programs and conferences.

JOSÉ LUIS ECHEVERRÍA Architect. Master Economics ESADE BA in Architecture from ETSAB and University of Columbia 2001. He has been the academic Director at the Advanced Architecture Institute of Catalonia. He has given conferences at different Universities in Europe and America. Currently, he teaches design at La Salle, School of Architecture and is a regular critic at Syracuse University School of Architecture.

RAMON PRAT Designer – Commissioner of Disseny Hub Barcelona Graphic designer for the School EINA. Architecture studies in the ETSAB. Business studies. Currently Commissioner of Disseny Hub is Barcelona. He has been an ADG-FAD president, 2002- 2005. Vice-president of ADG-FAD, 2000-2002. Chairperson and founder member of Fundació de Comunicació Gràfica. He is the director of the master’s degree of the school Elisava on Graphic design and Communication from 2005. He is the person in charge of the publishing house ACTAR and Actar Distribución. The publishing house Actar, after 14 years of activity, supposes an option clearly identified in the international publishing panorama. With the will of taking part actively in the debate on architecture and design that is taking place at the moment. Actar has been able to create networks of exchange that allow us to collaborate with European and American universities or with most of architects, designers and more representative artists of the international panorama. Ramon Prat is also responsible for the gallery – bookstore RAS, specializing in architecture, graphic design and photographie, with head office in Barcelona, opened in 1998. As graphic designer has developed multiple projects (more than 400), some edited exclusively for ACTAR, and others in collaboration with institutions as MACBA, CCCB, Town Hall of Barcelona, Arch - en-rêve in Bordeaux, Ministry of Public Works, Bienale di Venezia, Generalitat de Catalunya, FAD, among others. As photographer, his work is focused in these moments at Actar where his images appear in a monographic way in most of the publications. Likewise, his photos have been published in books and magazines dedicated to architecture. Throughout his career he has received several awards: Premi Ciutat of Barcelona 2007 to the international projection. National Award of Design, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2005. Daniel Gil’s Award of Publishing design to Publishing career, 2004. FAD Medal to Publishing career, 2003. Laus of Graphic design: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. He has given seminars and conferences in Harvard, Austria, Seville…

ARTUR SERRA Anthropologist, associate director of the I2CAT Foundation. PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Barcelona. He has worked as a researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science and at the Department of Architecture of Computers at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. He is also co-founder of the Internet Applications Centre and of the i2CAT Foundation, in charge of boosting innovation on the Second Generation Internet. He developed, next to the Xarxa Transversal and CCCB, the design of an advanced net for the cultural creation. As a researcher, he has published several essays, among them: BCNet, a metropolitan Community Network against social exclusion (1997) and Next Generation Community Networking: Futures for Digital Cities (2000).

LLÀTZER MOIX Editor in chief of Culture in the Newspaper La Vanguardia of Barcelona He works as a journalist since 1976. Currently, he is the Cultural Chief Editor in La Vanguardia.He has published some books as “Mariscal” (1992), “La ciudad de los arquitectos” (1994) and “Wilt soy yo, conversaciones con Tom Sharpe” (2002).

ÁNGEL DÍAZ President of Advanced Leisure Services Founding partner of ALS, Advanced Leisure Services, Ltd., consulting firm and development project on tourism and leisure. He is a partner and advisor to other companies involved in the development of tourist destinations and regional development. In the last 15 years he has participated in many projects related to design, development, implementation, operation and facilitation of tourist projects on leisure and real estate. Nowadays, he is particularly concerned about how to relate the developmentof tourism in the territory with economy and sustainability, focusing mainly on the role that natural resources and tourism have to play in the future of the territory and partnerships between the public and the private sector, essential for implementation. He is currently working in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Argentina, for companies and public and private institutions. Angel Diaz has a degree in biology from the University of Barcelona, IESE MBA, Master in Management and Tourism Management from ESADE and graduated from the Executive Program Management Real Estate Companies of the Instituto de Empresa, in addition to WTO consultant and member of International Advisory Board of the Foundation Metropolis.

NICK LEON Director del Design London BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Imperial College and Master of Design from the Royal College of Arts.He worked for more than 30 years for IBM, as a Director of Business Development in Europe and Director of Marketing. He began his career in IBM research and development as an industrial designer and later on he became the manager of development of advanced technology of sale systems. His work at the Imperial College of Business has been focused on the impact of new technology of information and communication (TIC), on the social and economical vitality of the cities. His recent activities include: advising the Barcelona City Government on creating an international district for innovation; advising CLM, the London 2012 delivery partner; projects for the Shoreditch Trust, Laing O’Rourke; and research for Cloud Networks who implemented the newly launched WiFi networks for Canary Wharf and the City of London.

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